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Reality Is Optional

Philly Puddy Designs is a full service visual design company located in Austin, TX, specializing in unique and creative content for digital review. That includes web design, HD video content, animation, photography, print layouts, full company branding...Whatever you need, we's got you covered.

Feeling like a small fish in a big pond? We like small fish! And if marketed right, in the age of digital, small fish can stomp on traditional brands. Using Philly Puddy Designs as an example, we have grown where other digital media creation outlets are in decline due to a simple idea: supply personable customer service at affordable prices and get results. We believe you are worth it, and so should you. Most small businesses stay small, because they cannot afford to re-invest in themselves. We eliminate that problem in all sorts of creative ways. Don't worry about the cost, as we can set up affordable payment plans for you. Contact us and find out how we can get creative for you! After all, we are a small business, too, so we get it.


Making the web an awesome place to be by encouraging clients to "color outside the lines", or what we like to call "beyond the box" logic.

The Fearless Leaders

Philip Lee: Creative Director

Philip Lee, creative director

Once worked for large companies and design firms. Felt like small businesses were getting the shaft. Established Philly Puddy Designs. Developed a business strategy to give independent businesses and individuals an opportunity large design firms would never offer. Has produced award-winning designs and campaigns for large and small companies alike since 2002.

Education & Experience:
University of the Arts : (1987)
ITT Technical Institute : Multimedia Design program : (2005)
Video direction - producing - editing
Web Master
Tech-Speak Guru
Branding Specialist
Adobe Creative Suites Specialist

David Matthew Collins: Creative Producer

David Collins, creative producer and sales

Professional photographer who worked for television and large companies. Shared the same business ethic as Phil. Merged DMC Creative Solutions, with Philly Puddy Designs in 2009. The merger expanded the amount of services both could provide. This made Philly Puddy Designs a one-stop shop for any and all creative possibilities.

Education & Experience:
Texas State University (2007)
Photography and Digital Rendering : since 1998
Digital Illustration
Adobe Creative Suite Specialist
Sales Manager

What People Say About Us

"You are so good at your job...Thank you for paying attention to all the details and caring about what we wanted."
- Melody Khalighi, DCS Engineering, Austin, TX

"Philly Puddy is awesome!!!!!"
- Peggy Garrett, Great Jobs Health Care

"WOW! is my first impression...This is looking fantastic!"
- Rachel Dawn Hayes, Lo Scopo LLC, Austin, TX

"Can I tell you once again how great you are!!! Thank you!"
- Erin Grant, Halstrom Academy

"Oh my goodness, Phil Lee...You're amazing!!!" - Donna Jean

"The current Dagar's website has been getting great feedback and is functioning quite well, so just wanted to say great job again on that!" - Andrew Arriaga, Dagar's Catering, Austin, TX

"I have been getting so many compliments on my new website, everyone LOVES it! Thank you so much for taking the time to understand what I wanted and then using your expertise to make my website AWESOME!" - Nicole Vykoukal, Austin Doga, Austin, TX

"Nice work! The website looks great! I'm impressed with our SEO, the site is ranking well." - Sarah German, FirePit Ceramics, Austin, TX

"Good graphics, great transitions, and the overall "tone" was very well received!...You guys really under-promise and over-deliver!" - Larry Upton, MindQuilt, Austin, TX

"David is a great listener and was very responsive throughout the process. Phil's technical expertise is outstanding, and his creative input was invaluable...I highly recommend!" - Claudia Bernhardt, Sachem Chemical, Austin, TX

"...This was a very important project to me personally and they took the time to add the professional details and outstanding narration that made our project something I could be proud of." - Harry Faust, Faust Distribution, Houston, TX

"I think you are in need of more kudos! You know how to work with the best in folks. A lot of people will see your work and it will effect them in very positive ways. You're an important part of our circle of care." - Roni Kendall, The Cancer Connection of Austin, Austin, TX

Our Super Awesome Clients

Halcyon Homes
Halstrom Academy
Blue Bottom Pools
Strange Brew
JP Construction
Lo Scopo, LLC
Archstone Distribution
Tombstone Distribution
Mikhail Investments
Mikhail Engineering
Marvel Industrial Coatings
DCS Engineering
Faclities Resource Inc.
Landmark Consulting
Titaya's Thai Cuisine
Cactus Commercial
Facilities Resource Inc.
Be Somebody Inc.
HBA Parking Systems
Poppy's Crusade (Australia)
Faust Distributing
Managed Resources Inc.
Terrain Solutions Inc.
Queen Of To Do
Skate Dairy Ashford
Centric Commercial
Austin Doga
Commercial Retail Group
Capital Furniture
Prestige American Roofing
Dick's Classic Garage
Ariane Leverett - Interpreter
Sweet Dried Fruit
Perri Solutions, LLC
Carrico & Garton Group
GenX Security Solutions
Toni Jacaruso
Thomas Saverio Hair Salon