Totally random post…

So it’s 2:23 in the AM, and that can be pretty dangerous for me as well as others…Thank goodness no one else is here. Well, my cat isn’t too happy. But I will share with you some of the thoughts that runs through a creative person’s head at 2:23 in the AM…Oh, make that 2:24.

And that’s Central Standard Time, in case you were wondering.


* Do people who invented SPAM really think it is an effective marketing tool? I mean, does anyone buy or support any of those products at all after being bombarded with useless emails? And when will it be legal to lynch them?

* I wish Ben And Jerry’s made gallons of ice cream instead of pints…I would buy it by the gallon if they made them.

* Who is kidding themselves when they only eat a half of a pint of Ben And Jerry’s?

* Coffee should be the official drink of designers and video editors if it isn’t already. Any flavor will do. After all, it’s just the effect that I am after.

* Why aren’t designers and artists treated like professionals? I mean, people wouldn’t try to tell their doctors how to perform an operation, or tell a mechanic how they should fix their car, would they? Well, then why are clients trying to offer me advice on what they think is good design?

* Am I the only person in the world that thinks possums are actually kinda cute?

* Why do I even bother to have cable?

* When my cat looks at me in what I assume to be a loving way, is she really looking at me with pity in her eyes, wondering how I even manage to get through my day?

* Why do people work so hard to live longer lives? I would understand if the teenage years were at the end of life, but they’re not…

Ok. It’s 2:36 in the AM. Time for some Ben And Jerry’s…And then sleep, perchance to dream.

5 thoughts on “Totally random post…

  1. Shanice

    You are my inspiration , I own few blogs and occasionally run out from to brand.

  2. Kat Pew

    I’m pretty sure that coffee is “the official drink of designers and video editors”. But I know a lot of designers who are more on the tea side of coffee. Yes, this is random and I am procrastinating…

    1. Administrator

      Ah yes…One of my people. 🙂

  3. Kat Pew

    p.s. Possums are cute.

    Also, re: “why are clients trying to offer me advice on what they think is good design?” My musings about this are as follows: I don’t think they are offering you “advice” as much as they are sharing their personal likes/dislikes, probably because they likes/dislikes/opinions about design, whereas they do not have likes/dislikes/opinions about heart operations, for example. Clients, especially small business owners, believe their sites reflect their personalities and tastes in ways that they do not believe their heart surgeon’s stitches (mechanics engines, etc.) will, so the results are subject to more scrutiny. My sister-in-law, who owns a staircase company, includes a PITA surcharge for problem customers. If they ask what it is, she tells them “Pain in the Ass”. They either laugh or walk, and she does not care either way…

    1. Administrator

      Oh, I agree that customers have a right to offer their opinion…I am talking about the one’s who say “You’re doing it wrong!” And then you ask them what would be right, and the reply is “I don’t know, but I’ll know it when I see it!” I welcome critiques and suggestions from my clients, but if it is going to make us BOTH look bad, I tell them why it is a bad idea, and then steer them in a different direction. Most of the people I deal with are great at starting and running a business, but have no idea how to create a web presence. I just recently read an article that actually supports this idea. You should check it out: Top 10 Myths About Graphic Design. Maybe you will be able to relate in some way. When people treat designers like they are only “tools”, they are missing the point of WHY they are paying for a designer or a videographer in the first place…Because we are the professionals who studied the most effective ways to do what we do. Using your “doctor” scenario, I sure wouldn’t choose a local anesthetic while he or she was cutting me open to “supervise” their work, because I think I know better than they do. Sure, I’ll do what the client wants if they are obstinate about it, but I will never show that work on my portfolio, nor attach my name to the project in any way, shape, or form. So I agree with you totally. Clients should have a say in what they want…They should just let US have a say in how it should be done correctly and most effectively. 🙂

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