These are a collection of my favorite artworks. I created these all in Adobe Photoshop. I used them as practice pieces and to fine tune my skills, and basically, to have fun with. I decided to offer a section as to where I explain a little bit of the frame of mind I was in when I was creating them, and what they are about.


“Spritual Perspective”: This is probably my favorite piece. Probably because it is one of the few positive works of art that I have created. I was going through a pretty tumultuous time when I created this, but I suddenly remembered how many other crazy periods I have gone through and survived. Any artist trying to make a living from his or her wares will understand what I am saying probably. Although fear and desperation are probably some of the artist’s greatest assets when it comes to creativity, neither seems like it is at the time. Anyway, this is my visual gift to all artists, including myself.



“Metamorphosis”: As I was browsing through photos of my friends on MySpace (yeah! remember that site?), I happened upon this picture of my friend, Bonnie. Bonnie is someone I have come to know and respect, because we have so much in common. Most of which are things that are hard obstacles to get through life with, and people close to use rarely understand. I have always been Bonnie’s secret cheerleader, hoping she will some day see that there are no boundaries and limitations to her being able to have a happy and joyous life…Kinda like I do now. Today, Bonnie is doing so well, and it makes me so happy to see. She deserves the best in life.


“Winter Wish”: It is a pretty hopeful piece, even though it may look a bit creepy. I was experimenting with blending options and compositing to give it a rustic look and feel…Because although I felt pretty rustic at the time, I was hoping for a bit of hope. We all hope that there is someone or some thing looking out for our best interests in life, even when we might not be looking for them ourselves. Considering I was going through some rough spots, and really didn’t believe that the one’s in my life were on my side, and the one’s that used to be had “given up” so to speak, I needed all the hope I could get…So I created it.


“Which Door To Take?”: This really is an artwork of just how limited my view of the future was at the time. I took a photo of a brick wall and created two openings. One opening shows my depiction of a career life and the other shows my depiction of a love life…And if you will notice, neither seem very appealing. The career one is gray and shows so many lost in the crowd. The other shows someone beautiful, but about as interested and engaged as someone with terminal boredom. This is what I felt I had a choice in life with, because every time I chose a career, it was pretty lonely…Every time I chose love, my career suffered. Obviously I now believe in both, but I think I needed to represent this one visually in order for me to get past it…Or more accurately, get past myself…Which I think is important for any artist to do.


“Dream Big, Vanity”: This has always been one of my favorites. There are so many themes rolling around in this, that I don’t think some people get. First of all, I was experimenting with composition, obviously. These are 3 different photos that I positioned and imagined before this even began. The scenery is beautiful, as all those with big dreams who want to be noticed surround themselves in. The girl looks up at her “larger self”, her imagined self, with awe and admiration. The “larger self” appears content “swinging on top of the world”, but in actuality, she is a monster. I at least get it, because I have been there…All except the being a girl thing, obviously.


“Lady in the Water: Part 2”: Number 1 was of a girl I used to know that it got weird with…Mainly because she was with someone she wasn’t at all happy with, kept calling me, flirting with me, and then treated me like I was the devil when she admitted she had a crush on me. I reciprocated by saying I was starting to have a crush on her. Apparently, I was an asshole for being honest. Sometimes you ladies can be really weird with your reasoning, especially concerning how guys should feel and appropriateness. Anyway, this concept has always been a favorite since creating the first one. However, I couldn’t look at the first one with some sense of pride like I used to. After all, I had created the imagery “pre-crush”, and I was super proud of the look and feel of it…But it only reminded me of how awkward I am when I comes to interpersonal relationships. The girl in this picture is someone I don’t know, and probably never will know, so it seems safer to me. Bet you didn’t think you were going to get this far into my psyche did you?


“Wisdom”: I equate wisdom with experience and age, thus the worn out appearance of the image. I also associate wisdom with eastern philosophies, thus the imagery and subject. I did this with someone in mind whom I had high hopes for, but they just couldn’t get past their own selfish ideas of what life was about and how it was supposed to be. I always hoped one day she would wake up and say, “I finally get it! Life is about everyone, not just me! Thank you!” Of course, that never happened, and might never happen, so I had to apply a bit of wisdom to my own life and move on. It is what it is.


“Self Portrait”: Not quite what one expects when seeing a self portrait, is it? However, I went with the internal self portrait. I find it sad many people spend so much time trying to forget things that have happened to them in their lives. Some of their worst memories can be blessings if they can search for the positive in them…Sometimes the positive is not obvious until you are helping someone who is struggling with that very thing and you both realize that you can move on…And yeah, you look like you are doing alright, because no one can see inside of you until you let them. That is why, despite my past, my memories are something I often dip into. My experience is what opens me up to others, and allows me to relate on so many different levels. If I had destroyed all those things I was hoping to destroy, how many people would be missing from my life now? Memories are empathy-makers, humility in retrospect, where compassion is mined. They make us who we are. No wonder so many people feel lost. They are taught that sadness is bad. It’s not. It puts happiness into perspective, and enables us to enjoy it more. It also helps us to grow, and in turn, be there to help other’s grow.

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