Totally random post…

So it’s 2:23 in the AM, and that can be pretty dangerous for me as well as others…Thank goodness no one else is here. Well, my cat isn’t too happy. But I will share with you some of the thoughts that runs through a creative person’s head at 2:23 in the AM…Oh, make that 2:24.


And that’s Central Standard Time, in case you were wondering.




* Do people who invented SPAM really think it is an effective marketing tool? I mean, does anyone buy or support any of those products at all after being bombarded with useless emails? And when will it be legal to lynch them?


* I wish Ben And Jerry’s made gallons of ice cream instead of pints…I would buy it by the gallon if they made them.


* Who is kidding themselves when they only eat a half of a pint of Ben And Jerry’s?


* Coffee should be the official drink of designers and video editors if it isn’t already. Any flavor will do. After all, it’s just the effect that I am after.


* Why aren’t designers and artists treated like professionals? I mean, people wouldn’t try to tell their doctors how to perform an operation, or tell a mechanic how they should fix their car, would they? Well, then why are clients trying to offer me advice on what they think is good design?


* Am I the only person in the world that thinks possums are actually kinda cute?


* Why do I even bother to have cable?


* When my cat looks at me in what I assume to be a loving way, is she really looking at me with pity in her eyes, wondering how I even manage to get through my day?


* Why do people work so hard to live longer lives? I would understand if the teenage years were at the end of life, but they’re not…


Ok. It’s 2:36 in the AM. Time for some Ben And Jerry’s…And then sleep, perchance to dream.